Knowing When It Is Time For Assisted Living Pt 2

Signs It is Time to Move to Assisted Living

Apart from understanding IADLs and ADLs and their importance to the elder care process, there are common signs which show that the time is ripe to move to an assisted living facility. Several of these warning signs are related to the ADLs discussed above and can be explained from a medical point of view. The concerned person may be depressed or battling something more severe such as cancer or dementia. Bad odor can mean they do not remember how to bathe, or simply lack the strength to do it anymore. Unpaid expenses could mean they have lost the required cognitive skill to understand numbers the way they used to. To avoid the need to fill out an ADL chart, you could follow some of the more reliable indications that your family member needs expert help.

Worsening Health Conditions

As a senior ages, their chances of developing a chronic condition rise. The American Association of Retired Persons reported that over 70 million individuals at 50 years of age and above have one chronic condition at a minimum, and this is often a debilitating issue such as Alzheimer’s disease. When people with such conditions get older, they are not all that capable of taking care of themselves on their own and thus end up requiring substantial medical attention. Apart from the likelihood of chronic medical conditions, that of emergencies too increases with age. If a person falls on the ground a lot and struggles hard to stand back up each time, it follows that it is unsafe for them to be leading a life on their own. About a third of seniors in the nation experience such a fall at the least once each year, and the demise rate from this has increased steadily over the last decade.

Monetary Issues

Several aging people are incapable of keeping up with their financial obligations. Bills from insurance companies and banks can pile up because the senior lacks either the motivation or financial ability to pay them. Dementia also affects the ability to think abstractly, as well as to deal with numbers on an intricate level. This could bring about difficulties when doing taxes or taking care of several bills at the same time. Seniors are more vulnerable to financial scams as well, which if the strike, could debilitate them financially and impair their ability to take care of themselves.


Isolation is a serious issue found among seniors. Over 11 million people live alone as per the US census and for many of them, the fact also affects their overall health. When elderly people estrange themselves from society, it means they get to indulge themselves in fewer hobbies and interactions with friends and family, and often, their tendency and even ability to leave the house drops considerably. Isolation can lead to poor hygiene, a dangerously messy living space, depression, and addiction, among other issues.

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