Finding Memory Care in an Assisted Living Community

You may have started to become forgetful to such an extent that your family has started worrying in a way that is driving you crazy; your current assisted living situation seems pretty great as things stand, but what if you ended up needing memory care down the road?

Could you get Memory Care in an Assisted Living Community?

Just to be clear, there is in fact the option to get memory care when you are in assisted living, although it bears considering whether this is what you need. Spectrums of care, which include a range of care settings like nursing home care, assisted living care, memory care, etc., can be good for people seeking an easy transition from each stage to the next. There would be building or wing set apart for each different type of care, which means they would be living in the same general space, and free to spend each day in a comfortable and engaging way without the pressure of making big decisions.

Potential Disadvantages of Having Different Types of Care in the Same Place

The above advantages notwithstanding, a community of this sort could affect you in ways you may not prefer. The main one involves relatively inferior care to what a standalone memory care community could provide. Such a facility would focus particularly on the needs of people with ongoing memory impairment, and be staffed by professionals skilled in meeting such needs.

By contrast, even communities providing some of the finest memory care Los Angeles has to offer would primarily focus on maintaining safety among residents, by preventing them from wandering off. Standalone communities are commonly better equipped to facilitate mental and emotional well-being in their residents, through specially designed activities like music therapy and many others.

Before picking a place, it is best to ask around at nursing homes in Long Beach and see how the current residents at each place are faring. If a community has all the types of care you could ever need, check how well they provide each. The typical considerations would always apply to pick a place to move into, but you need to be able to visualize how special circumstances would come into play, such as when transitioning from assisted living to a dedicated memory care unit. It bears remembering that even if you pick a standalone memory care community nearby, and their services are not as good as you had hoped, there is still the option of supplementing that with the help of friends and family.

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