Can Dementia Be Fatal?

Dementia is a term used to describe a state of decline in mental health. It is associated with aging and memory loss. When you speak of dementia in general, memory loss would be the first thing that comes to mind, but death rarely follows on the normal train of thought. In fact, when it comes to fatality causing disorders, dementia and Alzheimer’s rank near sixth. Following are some things which you need to know about the condition before you decide on an option among the ones for memory care Los Angeles has to offer.

The Development of Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia

There are several patterns observed among different groups of people when it comes to dementia. In some, disorientation and confusion might be the initial symptoms. For others, it could be an issue with their judgment or ability to communicate. These factors are sometimes coupled with depression, which often makes matters worse.

Further, the list of symptoms only grows longer. Other factors like sleep issues, hallucinations, memory impairments, and changes in personality, are also observed in people with dementia. The order and sequence in which these are observed may vary, but the result is inevitably the same. During the latter stages of the disease, the afflicted person is unable to perform day-to-day activities and might require close attention throughout the day. Sometimes, problems occur despite the care provided. This is because the person might have difficulty swallowing food items. This, in turn, leads to malnutrition, making the person vulnerable to infections.

Increased Susceptibility to Health Risks

In relation to the fatalities caused by dementia, the medical complication developed by the latter stages of Alzheimer’s disease is usually seen to be the major cause. Dementia becomes fatal when there are medical infections resulting from suppression of the immune functions. Furthermore, prolonged inactivity could lead to the development of blood clots.

According to studies and reports, 63% of fatalities result from circulatory problems. The remaining 26% are linked to respiratory issues. The rest are caused by several factors such as cancer or digestive diseases.

Dementia as a Cause of Fatality

You may wonder how dementia is responsible for fatalities when it is not directly linked to them. Note that Alzheimer’s disease is a regressive illness, and proceeds that way even if the person is cared for at one of the options for Long Beach assisted living. In this, the brain keeps losing its capabilities and continues to deteriorate. As a result, the link between the brain and the body is adversely affected and gets reduced to a point when it brings no functional benefits to the person. Major organs malfunction and this makes even breathing a struggle. Regular exercise can slow this effect, and so can several mood-altering activities.

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