6 Great Nursing Home Board Games Pt 2


Trivia brings a fun factor which promotes the health of senior minds. Alzheimer’s sufferers would find this a great way to engage their minds and have them function at a maximum level of interest. Trivia has been shown to help push back the beginnings of dementia, especially when the topics relate to the formative years of the player. The act of recalling may help improve the recognition of early memories as they date to their current experiences.

Playing in groups would let a senior socialize in the meantime. Digital version of the game including Buzztime can stretch the fun on until the caregivers decide it is time to get back to daily living activities. The best thing about Buzztime is that the supply of questions is nearly endless, which means there is no room for boredom to creep in. Using such brain boosting games, it is possible to provide hours of stimulating activity which every resident in the senior home is bound to enjoy.

Racing Games

Video games bring thrill, which is an element most other games lack. This holds especially true when the former’s main premise revolves around racing. Driving a car along a virtual racing track can be beneficial to a senior in more ways than one, because it demands multitasking, memory, and attention in order to win. Each resident can challenge the others to go faster or score more points, and the activity can quickly evolve into a social one inside the nursing home.

First Person Games

This type of games allows seniors to improve their eyesight, and have been shown by studies to bring both physical and mental benefits to players. One study in Toronto showed that after playing, seniors did better when it came to personal facial recognition, and were also left better able to read small print. First person games also help them with keeping engaged and alert while going about their lives in nursing homes in Long Beach.

It bears noting that digital games can also boost coordination and motors skills, as well as overall wellbeing. With many baby boomers ageing into their 70’s, today nursing home games are evolving in stride in order to facilitate the perfect levels and balance of comfort and vitality. If you do end up having to pick among the available options for Long Beach assisted living, a roster of engaging games should be a definite buying point when you choose.

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