Some Misconceptions about Assisted Living

Most elderly individuals opt to move into an assisted living community these days. Obviously, there are challenges for you to support their decision, both practically and emotionally. After all, their safety and happiness will be your prime priority. As far as elderly people are concerned, their main objective will be to stay fit and independent as they get old. This objective can be achieved in an assisted living facility. Plus, they will be able to enjoy many other new experiences and social connections while staying amongst people of same age group, which might not be possible otherwise. Note that assisted living is the best option for seniors who face some health issues, but not as severe to rely on nursing services.

However, the myths and misconceptions about the idea of assisted living can confuse you if your elderly parents opt to move to an assisted living facility. Some of the common myths about assisted living are given below. It will be easier for you to absorb the idea of assisted living once you go through the following myths.

Only Disabled or Sick People Can Consider Assisted Living

It is true that assisted living is a great option for people suffering from dementia and other memory-related issues as there will be a professional team to look them after. Apart from this, assisted living community offers services such as bathing, grooming, transportation, providing meals on time, housekeeping, etc. Hence, elderly people who don’t have any health issues as well can benefit from assisted living. In fact, they can invest their time in other exciting activities to keep them happy and energetic.

Moving your Senior to an Assisted Living is Selfish and Cruel

This is one of the major misconceptions about assisted living. Actually, you are helping your seniors by moving them into a good assisted living community where they will be independent and happy. Plus, they will be offered medical aid and care in these facilities which will not be otherwise possible. Apart from this, sitting idle at home can sometimes push your elderly parent to depression. Even though moving your elderly parent to an assisted living is a hard decision, the sacrifice will be worth their happiness.

Assisted Living is Not an Affordable Option

Actually, you can find assisted living communities in different price range and packages. The expense of enrolling your parent in such communities will depend on your requirements. After all, the organization will have to deal with many expenses such as rent, household help, transportation, utilities, nutrition, etc.

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