5 Tips for Easing the Move into Assisted Living

Change is hard for everyone, so it is no small wonder that so many seniors may struggle with their new assisted living situation. Despite the myriad benefits that present themselves, any big lifestyle change can be hard for a lot of seniors to adjust to, resulting in varying levels of adjustment stress. Palmcrest, however, understands these pitfalls and has some easy ways to remedy any stressors that may come about from your loved one’s big move.

Useful Ways to Ease the Transition

Preferably with support from family members and friends, your loved one’s first days at Palmcrest assisted living community can be filled with positive experiences by doing the following.

  • Letting them find independence: Being overprotective at this stage can easily do as much harm as good. Despite any urge to be constantly close, you need to limit your visits. It is acceptable to show up frequently at the outset of their stay, but make sure this does not regress into “handholding”.
  • Decorating their new living pace with personal items from home: There is no harm in outfitting the new space as a replica of the old. In other words, arrange the drawers, tables, chairs, etc., as similarly as you can. Get their favorite photos and stand them up exactly like in their old room. All these keepsakes allow your loved one to stay psychologically anchored through the move.
  • Talking them into joining activities: A dismissive attitude is generally undesirable, because it prevents proper adjustment. For your parent to be able to make friends, it is very important that they involve themselves in community activities. Considering the wealth of options that Palmcrest has to offer, there will definitely be something in the itinerary that they could grow to like.
  • Urging them to help out: In assisted living communities, it is normal for resident volunteers to take on specific roles and responsibilities, like answering phones, sponsoring a club, or managing the library. This lets people be, and more importantly, feel useful. An improved outlook can work wonders in their physical and mental well-being after a recent transition.
  • Taking them on frequent visits before the move: A lot of people underestimate the benefits of preparing oneself for something this significant. Moving to a senior living community is definitely a big decision, and visiting there lets your loved one familiarize with the layout of the location, as well as its residents and staff. The people you meet will be as close as family by the time your resident moves into Palmcrest.

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