5 Things to Check before Picking an Assisted Living Home for your Senior

Everyone wants the best for their dearly loved family members. When it gets to the point that their needs cannot be adequately met in their own home, assisted living is often option for round-the-clock care. However, there are several things to consider before committing to an assisted living situation. Following are some of the basic aspects that should factor into your overall decision.

The Type of Assistance Provided

Learn in detail about the services that a particular assisted living center offers. Bear in mind that your loved one will eventually require significant assistance with daily living activates, including cleaning, cooking, and doing their laundry; assuming they do not already. The bottom line is that they should have help available whenever they need it.

What is Covered in the Base Fees

Each senior center prices their services differently, so inquire about cost breakdowns with the homes you are considering. When you get a number, find out exactly what your loved one is sure to get from each of the different option. There may be package deals at some locations with a base price covering basic services, and the option to add additional services on top of base care.

Resident Satisfaction

It’s very important to confirm the happiness of current residents so you can confirm that you’re introducing your loved one to a positive environment. It’s a good idea to ask current residents if they’re satisfied, and poll would-be friends about their experiences and happiness with the services and location. It’s good to get a feel of how the assistance, amenities, and conveniences stack up because that determines the kind of life your loved one would experience while there.


When it comes to assisted living situations it is always preferable to have your loved one set up close by, so that visits to and from are less of a hassle. Not only is convenience a factor, but picking a close location would also allow them to maintain a sense of belonging despite not living with you. It also helps tremendously if the senior care center is close to where your family doctor lives or works, or other places your loved ones has grown intimately familiar with.

Recreational Activities

Recreation is an important part of life for people of all ages and it is always smart to choose a senior living home that plans and holds activities on a daily basis. Ask about having a tour of the facility and gauge the chances for socializing so that you can make sure your loved one finds new friends in their new home.

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