What Adult Children Can Do to Aid Seniors Parents with Anxiety

Having elder parents who have anxiety can bring many huge challenges to your life. The main problem they would need relieving of is the fear and anxiety that comes from isolation and mounting dependability. If you have a parent living alone or feeling as such during most of their waking hours, then doing the following things can help them significantly.

  • Call the family doctor and have them figure out the problem, and prescribe treatments. Form and hold a clear idea of the medications prescribed, as well as any side effects, which could ensure if these were mixed with current medications.
  • Get a geriatric assessment to make sure your parent has no neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. If either is found, start thinking about the type and level of care they need, and about moving them to a nursing home, and dig up the finer options for memory care Los Angeles has to offer.
  • Schedule a therapist appointment to start cognitive behavioral therapy for your elder, in order to get them to shed undue worry, anxiety, and fear. This would drastically improve their quality of life and give you some relief as well.
  • If your parent is saddled with loneliness, or an inability to adjust with their spouse, then they need to get out more often. If they have a hard time doing this, try to find a helper who can act as a guide of sorts. Going out to a social event should help your parent vent their restlessness.
  • If your parents’ marriage is facing problems due to an illness or some other reason, get them to go in for couple’s counseling. This gives them a chance to consider new ways to live together amicably.
  • In the case of an overly shy parent who practically flees from meeting strangers, try to pair them with someone familiar, who could persuade them to take local outings every now and then.
  • Bring in an elder care trainer to have a talk with the family. As long as the third party with a more objective perspective is involved, it gets easier to be open about the stresses each member of the family has been facing lately.
  • Start checking out the better options under assisted living Long Beach has to offer. If ever the time comes when one parent has to move or risk a diminished quality of life, it helps being familiar with all of their options.

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