Types of Services Offered at an Assisted Living Facility

The prime focus of all assisted living communities is that the seniors living there are safe and healthy. Besides offering them the option to stay independent in their old age, such facilities also provide a lot of care services to seniors to enhance their quality of life. Although the specific service might vary from community to community, below are the essential care services that all assisted living facilities offer to their residents.

Health Care Services

The top priority of any assisted living care is to make sure that the seniors stay mentally as well as physically fit. The health care services provided at assisted living communities usually includes the following.

  • Assessing medical history of the senior and creating a custom care plan for the senior based on their ailments
  • Delivering nursing services on call, available round the clock at the facility
  • Monitoring the health status of the residents regularly
  • Providing specialized programs such as weight management and nutrition tracking
  • Making sure to meet the individual needs of the senior
  • Offering respite care for seniors recovering from a recent surgery or any injuries

Personal Assistance Services

One of the most important reasons to move into an assisted living community is to make sure that seniors get personal assistance in one form or the other. No matter whether the senior requires full-time assistance or just a little help, say, like when moving around, assisted living facilities cater to all that efficiently. Usually, such type of personal care includes:

  • Helping them with daily needs such as bathing or dressing
  • Helping them move around the community for activities or meals
  • Helping them set reminders or schedule an appointment with the doctor
  • Helping them with transportation or ambulance services, as needed
  • Helping them with taking medications

Lifestyle Services

Most of the assisted living communities in the US make sure that their residents live in a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. To ensure that, they offer premium lifestyle services at their facility, which could even make the seniors feel like they are at a resort for holidaying. Some of the typical lifestyle services offered at assisted living care facilities include the following.

  • Appetizing meals as per the nutrition requirements of the residents
  • Wellness programs and healthy activities
  • Professional housekeeping and laundry services
  • Cultural and social events
  • Socializing options through health clubs or yoga classes

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