Tips to Help Ease Spring Allergies for Seniors

After the cold and snowy winter days are over, most senior citizens show visible joy at seeing spring’s first signs. Spotting the year’s first returning robin means more warm days are imminent, and it is sights like these that help improve spirits anywhere.

Sadly, birds are not the only things which return come spring season. Pollen-producing plants and grass also reappear this time of the year. For those who suffer from springtime allergies, a runny nose, fever, and scratchy eyes are part and parcel of the changing seasons. An increasing pollen count might just aggravate pulmonary and cardiac conditions as well.

Seniors have a unique set of challenges with regard to spring allergies. Medications which can be bought without prescriptions often interfere with drugs that cannot, or increase blood pressure. This is just one of the problems which may come up. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take in order to help prevent allergies.

Invest In a Good Air Purifier

Although you cannot control the air outdoors, one thing you can do is take measures to purify what does get inside the home. Investing in a purifier can help get rid of pollen and other kinds of irritants which make their way into your residence.

Keep an Eye on the Weather in Your Area

Most news stations mention the count of pollen in morning and evening reports. Monitoring when it is projected to increase can help you stay indoors when the pollen soars. For this, you might want to install a weather application on your smartphone. Some apps will even warn you when the pollen count spikes.

Use Nasal Irrigation

One more option that you can try is to rinse the nasal air passages with saline. Buy a product used for nasal irrigation, and individual packs of saline from the pharmacy in your area.

Keep Windows Closed

Because you have been cooped up indoors throughout winter, it can be tempting to open your windows now that the weather has taken a turn for the better. During peak allergy months though, open windows let mold and allergens in. Do not leave your windows open, at least when the pollen count in your area is high.

Have a Steamy Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower can also open up the nasal passages, which would help you breathe more comfortably than before. Some allergy sufferers feel that adding effervescent vapor tablets to the shower brings more relief.

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