Importance of Reading Habits for Seniors

Reading is widely accepted as one of the most positive habits a person could have for the numerous benefits it offers. It is strongly recommended that children cultivate the habit of reading, while it also offers numerous benefits to the seniors too. It has been proven to lead to several encouraging changes in the elderly who indulge in reading on a regular basis.

In individuals above the age of 50, reading habits lead to enhanced decision-making abilities, better memory retention, smoother sleep cycles, reduced stress, and most importantly, the delayed occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Above all, it is a pleasurable activity in itself. Below is a discussion on details about reading habit for seniors.

The Difficulties

There is a difficulty in promoting reading among seniors though. Studies suggest that more than 25% of Americans of the age 50 and above find it difficult to get into the habit of reading. There are certain proven methods to overcome these difficulties. For instance, use of E-readings devices that come with adjustable font sizes and back-lit screens are very effective for seniors with vision problems. Furthermore, these also help those with arthritis and dexterity.

Those adults who are not in favor of technology have alternative methods to encourage reading practices. Use of large print books, book holders, magnifiers, and reading lights has shown to have a positive effect on seniors. Besides, the use of audiobooks also offers positive results.

In case the elderly person is suffering from a cognitive impairment that prevents the person from reading, there are options like reading as a team. This not only helps them take part in reading but also deepens the connection between the persons.

Sharing the Experience

Seniors who are already active readers could use their habit to share knowledge with others around them. There are several activities like volunteering as a reader at a local preschool, to take part in a book group. Such activities allow them to interact with the community around them like Long Beach assisted living community and keep them engaged, which is very important for their overall health.

Major Benefits

Reading has numerous benefits for the individual. In older adults, it has been proven to offer deep physical, emotional and mental gains. Besides, it also increases their chances of participating in community activities like the ones offered in nursing homes in long beach. Overall, reading is a great activity to keep seniors engaged.

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