One of the worse scenarios people envision when thinking about their parents’ future care needs, involves one of them needing different care than the other. Suppose your mom started showing mental or physical decline in her old age, while your dad continued to lead a relatively healthy life for his age. Of the many options for assisted living Long Beach has to offer, what arrangement would work best in such a case?

The main problem here is that no matter how badly your parents wish to live together, the feasibility of it would not be high enough to justify them taking that course. A CCRC might be able to meet both their needs, but that option does not always pan out when you consider personal preferences, financial resources, and community availability. The fact of the matter is that there is no right answer here, only favorable choices, and that includes the options under memory care Los Angeles. That of course has to be decided by your parents, assuming they are up to it.

Handling Separation

If your folks opt for separate living arrangements, it is still bound to bring in at least slight problems from a number of directions. The following tips should help you hold the family together, while still making sure everyone gets what they need.

  • Arrange transportation: In case your dad does not drive anymore, he could find it hard to visit your mother at her new residence. You do not want to rashly volunteer to be the chauffeur, because that setup can fall apart pretty quickly. Instead, call the local Department of Aging and avail senior transportation services.
  • Set up a schedule: Each parent must have some time set aside where they can meet and greet visiting friends and family. This would lighten your load tremendously, while making it easier for them to adjust to their living situation. That way, the parent living with you can rest easier because they know the other one frequently has the company of people they love.
  • Manage guilt: Instead of blaming yourself for the separation, turn your mind towards the fact that this is the best thing for your family. Be kind to each other and yourselves, and limit the ways in which stress could create a rift where there should not be one.
  • Encourage self-care: Living apart is not a totally bad thing; after years together, a break may even be the exact thing a couple needs the most. To your side, this brings the benefit of reduction in responsibilities, which is essential to leading a healthy life.