Keeping the Mind Sharp in Assisted Living

Staying mentally sharp is as important to seniors as staying physically healthy and active. Although keeping the mind sharp in assisted living might seem like a challenging job, it is not complicated at all when you are at the right senior care facility. All of the reputed assisted living communities provide a lot of opportunities to their residents to help them stay physically as well as mentally healthy. Besides, there are many activities too, which the elderly people can consider doing individually to keep their minds sharp when at their home away from home. Below are some of those activities that can help seniors to maintain their cerebral vigor in the pink.


This simple activity is considered to be one of the most productive ways to train and exercise the mind. Reading can allow one to think differently and accept changes more proactively. No matter whether it is a daily, a novel, or a magazine, reading would always benefit seniors to develop their cognitive skills, vocabulary, and knowledge.


Assisted living communities open up great opportunities for seniors to communicate and build a good relationship with others having the same wavelength of thoughts. This would allow them to indulge in healthy debates and conversations, in turn enhancing their ability to think quickly. Besides, socializing always helps seniors to enjoy their time more contentedly in the elder care community.


Experts recommend around 8 hours of sleep per day to seniors in order to rejuvenate and refresh their body. Similarly, good quality sleep is necessary to revitalize the mind and clear off all the usual stress and negative vibes. What’s more, a 20 to 30 minute nap in the afternoon can further improve the memory skills and cognitive capabilities in seniors.

Aside from these activities, there are a lot more seniors can do to keep their mind sharp in assisted living. For instance, participating in a group activity or craft making can help to boost their thinking levels and creativity, while playing a board game or trying a new instrument can further enhance their mental skills and abilities. Writing a journal can also be a great tool to stay focused and psychologically sharp.

Remember that following a well-balanced diet and avoiding old habits like smoking are also very important to keep the body and mind fit and healthy in seniors. Including berries, nuts, fish, as well as low-fat and fiber-rich foods in the daily diet always helps.

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